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Photography in brands

Brand photography isn’t just photos of your staff staring straight to camera, abstract shots of your office or macro shot crops of handshakes. Photography is an awesome visual asset to any brand that can help communicate the values and character of your business.

Brand photography can begin to feel a bit bland when companies follow the industry norm (Think recruiters shaking hands and banks using stock imagery of customers smiling at a house). Nine times out of ten this is fine, photography is one of the many arms of a brand and if the photography isn’t standing out the other assets can – but we wanted to share some examples of brands that use photography in a great way at the centre of their brand.


Everyone’s seen these adverts and photos – Deliveroo hasn’t focused on the bigger picture and surrounding set piece (to be fair you’re not eating in a restaurant so there’s no point to show a set). Instead, they’ve gone for some super up-close shots that focus on the tasty goodness of the ingredients. Deliveroo has directed these photos with tight crops, vibrant mouth-watering colours and abstract like shapes that allow them to stand out and be instantly recognisable as their own. 


Meetup creates weird, abstract weight wielding brain scenarios that immediately grab your attention. Photography is at the heart of their brand identity and is used to express the feeling and diversity of Meetup events, rather than literal photos of such events. This ties into the brand’s character which like their imagery is welcoming, relaxed, open and ever-changing with experiences.


The undisputed queen of photography has to be Nike. The photography use is so consistent and gritty that it alone almost becomes as recognisable as the brand name and motto. Nike uses photography in a way that summarises perfectly what it feels like to play sport, to watch sport, to be part of a sport team and more. Constantly on point and aspirational the photography effectively becomes as powerful as any other copy line to inspire and make you believe you can ‘just do it’.


Photography is just as important to a brand as the logo, values, story and the rest. It’s a brand asset that can become one of the more personal and stand-out aspects of your brand if it’s allowed to flex its creative muscles. For more local inspiration we’d suggest checking out the work of Thom Bartley who helped to shoot some of our own shots. 

If you need any help with your brand photography (or any other aspect of your brand) then feel free to drop us a line and we can get the cameras out.  In the meantime, if you would like to see some of our own photography work head on over to the ‘Our Work’ page to see what we’ve been working on.

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