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Introducing Plan B.

Recent events have obviously raised quite a few challenges for us, it’s meant that even though we’ve been confined to our homes, we certainly haven’t been bored. It was a particularly interesting time as we were just in the final stages of our own rebrand.

You may have noticed our new brand is built around the idea of Better. Better isn’t about comparing ourselves to other agencies. Better basically sums up everything we do, and everything we’re about. Whether it’s branding, marketing, design, digital, social, we’re making our clients Better. Internally, Better means pushing everything as far as we can in terms of creativity, strategy and impact.

To accompany our brand launch we created a self-evaluation toolkit to guide businesses through their own SWOT analysis across key brand areas. Feedback from this, along with other conversations we’ve had with businesses, made us realise the huge need for businesses to improve quickly and for lower budgets.

Our brains began whirring; how could we help businesses get better, but quicker and cheaper than a typical project allows?

In a typical project we conduct thorough internal and external research to inform all our strategic thinking. It’s great because it really helps us delve deep and create highly strategic solutions for complex problems. But this of course, takes a lot of time and therefore budget. So what if we cut this hefty research bit out? What does that look like?

Our team combined has helped hundreds of brands from a range of industries with a whole host of different problems, so we figured we could use that experience, expertise and instinct to create a quicker process for producing solutions.

Plan B is that process.

Why Plan B? Well the B stands for Better, but shorter (clever right?). And of course, the meaning of Plan B is something that is executed when Plan A isn’t working, and that’s what this process is designed to do.

We use our instinct and expertise to identify the biggest opportunities for a business to improve across brand strategy, design, social and digital. We then use a streamlined process to deliver what’s needed. We may not be delving as deep as an ordinary Orb project, but the end result still makes a business better.

If you’re a business that wants to Get Better, Quick, then click here to find out more about Plan B.

Written By:

Head of Digital @ Orb

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