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June 2020

With the world around us changing at ever-increasing speeds, be it technology, attitudes, values etc. it’s becoming increasingly hard to predict and plan for the long-term. Instead, businesses are having to put greater emphasis on the short-term and being as reactive as possible. Reacting to Covid-19 Covid-19 was a great example of

The background You’ve probably seen Plan B cropping up quite a bit on our social channels, so I figured I would write a blog to help anyone curious to learn a bit more. Plan B is a new product from Orb. It’s a shortened version of our process so that we

Recent events have obviously raised quite a few challenges for us, it's meant that even though we've been confined to our homes, we certainly haven't been bored. It was a particularly interesting time as we were just in the final stages of our own rebrand. You may have noticed our new

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