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People Solutions

People Solutions


Delivering Better for People Solutions



People Solutions are a recruitment company that have been delivering the highest levels of service for over 40 years to some of the UK’s biggest brands. They came to us because they felt their group brand structure was creating a barrier to growth.






Our first task was to explore their brand architecture and analyse its strengths and weaknesses both internally and externally. Our immersive research engaged both clients and staff and reached a definitive recommendation to completely restructure the group of different brands into a single unified brand.


Now that we had a clear idea of what the brand architecture needed to be, we now needed to create the new brand that would bring together all of their services. Again we worked closely with their clients and internal teams to define what this new People Solutions should be.


What we discovered was a purpose driven business that wanted to break all the negative stereotypes and experiences associated with the world of recruitment. The new brand needed to capture this feeling of ‘better recruitment’ and start making recruitment a bit more fun.








There’s no good creating such a purpose driven brand without properly embedding it within your internal teams, especially given the massive structural changes. We created and delivered internal onboarding sessions as well as a special internal launch event. This launch event communicated the changes, revealed the new brand, and featured activities to embed the new brand.





“We have worked with Orb a lot over the years, but this project was the biggest yet. They have helped completely transform us into something better than we were before. We now have a structure that gives us a platform for growth, that makes our customer experience better, and most importantly better reflects who we are, what we do, and how we do it”


Matthew Reddy, CEO, People Solutions

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