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Hamper & Go



James White (Winner of the Apprentice 2017) and his partner Hollie came to us with an idea for a new luxury local Hamper service.


All it took was one conversation with our strategist to unearth and articulate a compelling brand story and strategy. Within a day their brand went from two people setting up just another Hamper company, to a tale of a lost dog, a discovery of a community and a mission to deliver a taste of local life.





Within two days, words that had cropped up on the video-call like rustic, simple, crafted and artisan had been brought to life through brand visuals. Simple iconography tied the brand visuals to the brand story and key messages. The visual identity was designed to be rolled out across the packaging in a simple style that would reinforce the rustic, hand-made but still high-end feel that Hamper & Go is all about.


Our social strategist mapped out how to execute and promote the brand across social channels and the process for managing customers through a digital sales journey.

In just a couple of weeks Hamper & Go had gone from an idea to a brand to a business.  






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