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Glide – Plan B


The power of positioning: Glide 


Glide came to us as a business, not a brand. They were a service that simplified bills in shared living accommodation for both tenants and landlords. Built up by two visionary students, it was a unique idea at the time and they were slowly gathering customers. But in the highly competitive utilities market it’s not enough to just have a unique product; you need a strong position to carve out your market share. 


Orb were brought in to help Glide get a deeper understanding of their customers and establish the right brand positioning that would give them the platform they needed to grow.


We delved into their business to discover the who, the what, the why and the how of everything that they do. Everything about Glide was the total opposite of the industry’s big players. In a sector dominated by confusion, poor unresponsive customer service, and hidden fees, Glide were making it simple, easy and honest. We then fine-tuned every aspect of their brand, culture and marketing based on this positioning.





When Gen Z emerged it meant it was time reposition Glide once again to ensure the brand was targeting this audience effectively. Thanks to our research we knew the new positioning had to emphasise brand purpose. We needed to tell the story of what they were about beyond just bills, helping to establish Glide as more of a lifestyle brand.





With our help, Glide grew big and grew big fast. In 2016 their turnover had grown to £25M with a customer base of over 40,000 users. The company was then acquired by a larger communications and utilities group in a multimillion-pound deal, which we then rebranded as Glide. The business had gone from a simple service offering to an international group brand. The founders had gone from students with a vision to millionaire directors. That’s the power of brand positioning. 



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