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Your brand: turning prospects into ambassadors

Your brand touches every aspect of your business with the overall aim of boosting your bottom line. Here’s how your brand relates directly to your customers.

Acquisition: Promise and expectation

Your brand should create a clear and compelling promise to your customer so that they will know exactly what type of experience to expect from your brand. Think of Ryan Air, pretty much everyone dislikes flying Ryan Air, but pretty much everyone still does. Why? Because the brand manages the customer’s expectation upfront. It’s a value based proposition, that’s why customers choose them and that’s the only thing they demand.

Retention: Delivered experience

Your ability to retain customers comes down to your organisation’s understanding of its own brand; do your people know what the right experience is and how to deliver it? This is something a lot of brands overlook. It’s not just about having good customer service, it’s about providing the experience that your brand had promised upfront, through every single touchpoint and interaction. Even elements like packaging play a significant role.

Ambassador: Emotional connection

This is the holy grail for brands and is the hardest state to achieve. This is because it involves all those intangible brand elements too often dismissed as fluffy. How does being associated with your brand make people feel? This isn’t a state reserved for the uber cool luxury brands of this world, this is achievable for every brand. From an insurance company that makes someone feel secure to a phone company that makes someone feel cool, brand aspiration is achieved by knowing what your customers’ emotional drivers are and connecting to them, building them in to your brand.

Getting your brand right takes time and effort, there’s no quick fix. But the rewards are a stronger business and a healthier bottom line. Maybe your brand isn’t making the right promises upfront, or failing to deliver the right experience, or not making a strong enough connection to your customers. Whatever the issue, if you’re brand isn’t helping your business then get in touch with Orb and see how we can help.

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Head of Digital @ Orb

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