Wrapchic are on a mission for a taste bud revolution with a fusion of Indian and Mexican styles. They needed our help to create a brand that inspires staff, excites customers, and opens up international markets.

We used Visual Thinking sessions to discover just why Wrapchic is so special and what really motivates their staff.

Combining the personality of their people with vibrant visuals from both India and Mexico, our team created an authentic, exciting brand as mouth watering as the food itself.


Rapid growth

Wrapchic have been able to expand their operations and open up nine more stores following their new brand launching.

Going global

From humble roots to getting their passport. The new brand has helped them expand internationally, Setting up shop in Dubai with more to come.

All smiles

The new ethos and implementation of the brand values has got everyone working together in synergy to consistently deliver the right customer experience wherever they are in the world.

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