The Orb and Elonex Office Launch Party Roundup

Last week we proudly lifted the curtain, opened the doors and welcomed clients and friends to our new Birmingham city centre home as Orb and Elonex threw our official launch party!

The event was all about celebrating our move with talks and a Q&A session featuring Lord Digby Jones about why Birmingham is the first choice for setting up, scaling and investing in business. Over 100 friendly faces enjoyed the evening but not everyone could make it, so we wanted to round up the event for anyone that couldn’t be there.

The future of Birmingham

We heard from Lord Digby Jones about the future of the Birmingham business scene and why we should all be excited to be part of our amazing city.

One of his key points was how positive HS2 will be to the city and how it presents new opportunities, bringing London within 45 minutes of Birmingham. Lord Digby believes that having access to the high-speed rail network will not only attract more talent but also allow people to reach both London and Birmingham in a shorter time than the average commuter takes every day.

He reminded us that Birmingham has always been a hard-working city and has been at the forefront of technology in the country many times, but as a collective, we tend to “just get on with it” whereas other districts are better at shouting about their achievements. He urges businesses to look at other cities like Manchester and Leeds and “be better at shouting about our city.”

The power of branding

Our very own Founder & CEO Rob talked about the importance of branding and why working with our friends at Elonex means we can help our clients in ways that others can’t. He reminded everyone that a brand isn’t just a logo or an image that people see but rather a promise to your customers.

This means that the most important thing about building a better brand is to be consistent. Consistency helps people to build a mental image of what your brand stands for and Rob reminded us that sometimes, how and where people see your brand is just as important as what your brand says.

In a world where we are all bombarded by adverts and distractions, the key to effective marketing is finding a way to cut through all that noise and showing your customers one clear single message.

If you can do this in a memorable way, you’re more likely to grab and retain attention and we’re all excited to be working with our friends at Elonex to create that messaging and distribute it at speed, effectively and memorably.

If you're feeling like your brand might be in need of a new direction, then get in touch with Orb today and see how we can help.