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A leadership coach, trainer and development consultant with years of experience working with individuals, leaders, teams and organisations, Hannah first came to us as Miller & More.


She had built a strong reputation working with the likes of the NHS and Giffgaff on major culture pieces, as well as starring as a highly rated speaker on the Vistage (The biggest CEO network internationally) circuit. She had ambitions to create and grow something even bigger. We helped her shape that vision and give her the confidence to make the move from a consultant to a brand.


What immediately struck the Plan B team was just how purpose driven Hannah is; her passion for what she does and the dedication to the people she works with was really inspiring. She simply loves helping people achieve more, and it was clear that her brand needed to be built around this.



Sidekick the brand was born. Why Sidekick? Hannah’s approach is all about working in the background, behind the scenes, so that her clients can take the spotlight. She is the Robin to your Batman; the understated reason that superheroes stand out.


The brand strategy was all about humbling Sidekick itself, positioning it as working in the background while helping others to shine. It inspires audiences by challenging them to be the hero of their own story, and communicates a “coaching without ego” approach.


The brand identity was designed around this concept of supporting another person’s journey. The logo uses two dots, one denoting the sidekick brand the larger denoting clients. Using swirling line patterns to represent the journeys that clients go on, and a vibrant colour palette to communicate the excitement, passion, and dedication involved, this identity is all about bringing the brand strategy to life.



The Sidekick brand has provided an opportunity for growth via collaborations with other coaching partners. It has also given a platform from which to launch The Sidekick Foundation, which provides leadership coaching access to underprivileged people around the world.


Plan B has helped take Hannah from consultant to a fully functioning brand with the vision and potential to grow, all in a matter of weeks.




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