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EU Automation

EU Automation


Delivering Better for EU Automation


A specialist in supplying automation equipment to some of the largest companies in the world, EU Automation knew they were different from their competitors but didn’t know how to articulate it.
Through a series of staff workshops we identified numerous patterns of behaviour that gave us the DNA for what made EU Automation so successful: their dedication to customer service and going above and beyond what was expected. Our research into the industry revealed their level of customer service and personality were unique in their market. Their brand needed to reflect a dynamic company breaking the mould in a landscape full of dinosaurs.







The new brand was built around the concept of “We Deliver More”, which was not only a promise to their customers but an internal rallying cry for their staff culture. The visual identity of the brand incorporated a vivid bright coral colour, which helped them stand out against a sea of greys and blues, immediately communicating “we’re different”.



With the staff being so important to the success of the brand we created and delivered an internal brand launch day featuring. This event revealed the new brand and brought the brand values to life through a series of engagement activities. The launch achieved 100% buy-in across the workforce as well as some interesting ideas on how to get a mouse safely delivered to a cheese factory on the moon.






Since launching our new brand, we have more than doubled our annual turnover, added over 50 new team members and opened further operations in both Singapore and Chicago.


Jonathan Wilkins, Director, EU Automation
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