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Branding project

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Branding project

Based in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, Wye Valley Brewery is a family-run business dedicated to brewing the best cask and bottle-condition beer. They care about real beers, real pubs and real people. They came to us because they wanted to target a new generation of beer lovers without alienating their existing customers. We were also asked to create a brand for their first ever lager product.

Our research, which included a few vital and completely necessary brewery tours, allowed us to really understand what the Wye Valley brand was all about, and ensure that the new brand stayed true to its heritage.

The new brand identity reflects the natural beauty of their surroundings and traditional country life but with a modern style and a vibrant colour palette. We created a new tone of voice and messaging inspired by the personalities and passion of the people that work there.

Wye Valley Brewery gave us the incredible opportunity to brand their first ever lager. We wanted to create a lager that would stand the test of time in pubs, bars and supermarket shelves. The lager was based on their 30-year adventure as a brewery so this became the inspiration behind our ideas. The strapline for the lager “the best lager by a country mile” played on their country heritage and tongue-in-cheek personality.

“We originally chose to work with Orb because they felt like people we could have a genuine relationship with, and we weren’t wrong. Their creativity and expertise have helped us transform our brand into something better that is going to drive Wye Valley Brewery forward. In the first month following the rebrand our sales increased 12%”

Abbie Gadd, Marketing Manager, Wye Valley Brewery


Wye Valley Brewery

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