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Plan B Explained.

The background

You’ve probably seen Plan B cropping up quite a bit on our social channels, so I figured I would write a blog to help anyone curious to learn a bit more.

Plan B is a new product from Orb. It’s a shortened version of our process so that we can help businesses improve quicker than our typical project process allows.

Recent events mean that businesses can’t afford to wait months to improve and then even longer for those changes to have impact. Yes, the long-term is important, but the immediate term is now vital.

Plan B removes the hefty internal and external research we normally do, and instead uses our years of experience and expert instinct to identify and solve problems. To keep it efficient and effective, we focus on specific key areas across brand and marketing and work in a ‘show as we go’ style that cuts down on amends but perhaps isn’t as polished as our usual project work.

The process

Plan B is broken down into 2 fast moving phases.

Phase 1: The Brainstorm

Our quick-fire interview style sessions enable us to get under the skin of a business, fast. Then we perform a diagnostic across key specialist areas: brand strategy, design, social and digital. This diagnostic creates recommendations for things that need to be improved and can be made better quickly.

Phase 2: The Barnstorm

Once we agree the priorities, it’s time to roll our sleeves up. Each Plan B package comes with a certain number of Sprint Days. Sprint Days are the days our Plan B experts are dedicated to your business. We don’t work away for weeks and present something at the end. We show our clients as we go, day-by-day. It’s about rough thoughts in the morning, tweaks around lunch, and finalising by end of play.

How we get there may be a little rough around the edges but it’s all about identifying and delivering breakthrough ideas that work, quickly.

The options
Our usual bespoke projects are uniquely designed with numerous strategy and planning sessions to kick off the project and a couple of weeks of deep diving research. What we want to do with Plan B is offer something that feels more accessible, something ‘productised’. But, there still needs to be wiggle room. Which is why we created a few package options for Plan B.

The packages are designed around how much work you want or can afford us to do versus your own in-house teams.

Bulb is where we run the diagnostic and present recommendations, but the actual solutions are created entirely by your team, with us checking in and offering advice along the way.

Bungee is the mix and match flexible option. Maybe you’ve got a great in-house digital expert, so don’t need ours. No problem. Your digital expert can handle the delivery of the digital solutions, while our team handles the rest.

Bolt is the option if you want us to handle everything during the Barnstorm phase. That means our experts will create and deliver solutions with you checking in along the way.

Basically Plan B is our solution for helping businesses get better, quicker.  By identifying weaknesses and quick wins across their brand strategy, design, digital and social.

So, if you’re a business that wants to Get Better, Quick then check out our Plan B page.

Written By:

Head of Digital @ Orb

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