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Freedom Friday #2. Jurassic Park

Welcome to the second Orb Freedom Friday. The day when we break free of client briefs, budgets, ROI, deadlines, etc. And have a bit of fun.

We were approached by a client who was in urgent need of a rebrand following some bad publicity. They are a family attraction that specialises in living biological attractions having discovered a method to genetically engineer living dinosaurs. Following several deaths and the subsequent bad PR they need a new brand.

Their new brand needs to create positive connotations and establish a more family fun feel to the brand, distancing it from danger and death.

The name.

Aside from the fact that the name had become synonymous with the incident, the name was also angering dinosaur enthusiasts as not all of the dinosaurs in the park are not from the Jurassic period. We also felt that the word “Park” was underselling the scale of the resort, and reinforcing fears this was not a safe place.

The new name needed to capture the scale and wonder of the place while also allowing for the scope of all dinosaurs. Welcome to Mesozoic Kingdom.

The visual identity.

Using a dark colour scheme gave the old brand quite a creepy and dangerous vibe. In nature black, red and yellow combined are linked to warning signs for danger. Our new identity is all about “Disneyfying” the brand. Making it warmer and more family friendly.

Campaign “Saurus / Saw-us”

To launch the new brand we devised a campaign that is all about shifting focus from the attractions to the experience of a family adventure. The creative doesn’t show the dinosaurs, but shows people reacting to them, capturing that once in a lifetime moment of seeing live dinosaurs. Using a tongue-in-cheek play on words with ‘saurus’ and s’aw us’ to add a playful tone to the brand.

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