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Downtime Doesn’t Mean Down Tools.

There aren’t many silver linings for businesses during the Covid Crisis, but if there is one, it is the gift of time. Slowing down never seems like a good thing but what if you used this time to give your brand and marketing a bit of an MOT?


That’s why we’ve launched our Downtime Doesn’t Mean Down Tools series. It’s a DIY evaluation toolkit covering six key areas of your brand.

Part One

Perception and positioning

Discover and understand your brand’s proposition amidst your industry landscape.

Part Two

Internal brand and culture

Empower your team to be able to deliver a better and more consistent customer experience.

Part Three

Looking good? 

Review your visual elements and improve the key touchpoints for your consumers.

Part Four

Your social life

Ensure the right message is being delivered and assess how healthy your brand’s social life really is.

Part Five

Is your website working? 

Understand your website better and explore opportunities to grow.

Part Six

Pay to play with paid media

Getting your brand in front of the right audiences with the right channel mix is integral to your strategy. 

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