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8 websites that will change your life…
or at least make it easier!

With such a plethora of websites, apps, info and content out there, we know it can be incredibly difficult to wade through and pick out the truly useful, bookmark-worthy websites! 

Cue some of our favourite sites of 2022:

Calling all social gurus! Emojipedia is exactly what you’d expect it to be – an all encompassing, one-stop-shop for all your emoji wants and needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect emoji to celebrate a national holiday, or just want to check whether the emoji you thought existed, actually does, Emojipedia has you covered! 

Who doesn’t love a life hack? 50 hacks has “the” definitive list of life-hacks, as chosen by you, the internet. Have a life-hack you’re burning to share with the world, add a new hack and let the public decide whether it’s fact or cap.

We’ve all been there – you want to sign up to something, but would rather not hand out your real email address. With 10 Minute Mail, you’ll be given a disposable email address allowing you to sign up, safe in the knowledge your inbox will remain spam-free. 

Problem solving and decision making can be complex and time consuming, which is why Untools has made it into our list of websites that will change your life. Untools is a large collection of thinking tools and frameworks, designed to help you navigate your day-to-day, professional life.

With Scribe you can turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly! Need to quickly put together a training video? Want to share a new process with your team? Scribe does away with awkward Zoom training sessions and written guides, with an easy to use solution for creating guides.

Need to edit a PDF? Want to turn a JPEG into PNG? Looking to convert CSVs into Excel? You name it and Tinywow will have you covered – it really does live up to its name and is a must have bookmark for 2023.

Imagine if there was a place you could go, to learn more about the issues which matter most to you. Enter Kialo – a powerful way to engage in thoughtful discussion and debate, helping you to understand different points of view! In a world where Twitter trolls run rampant, Kialo is on a mission to make the world more thoughtful. It’s particularly useful for blog writing when trying to understand different perspectives.

Looking to spice up your copywriting for 2023? Wordtune uses an advanced AI which can understand the context and semantics of written text – simply type what you’re trying to say and it’ll do the rest for you. Wordtune can be added as a browser extension, meaning you can keep using it as you fly between different tabs! We love Wordtune and can’t wait to see even more AI tools next year! 

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