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National Apprenticeship Week 2020

Matt Bubb, media buyer at Orb, shares her own experience on apprenticeships, and why they can be a great option for young people.

We’re sponsoring Birmingham Tech Week

We're proud to announce that Elonex and Orb are headline sponsors of Birmingham Tech Week, a collaborative series of events taking place across the City

Branding specialist Orb buys Superdream to create a super agency

Branding specialist Orb buys Superdream to create a super agency

What’s involved in a branding project?

Everyone has different ideas about what’s involved in a branding project. While a lot of agencies have a similar approach, the exact details vary. We thought we would shed a bit more light.

Your brand: turning prospects into ambassadors

Your brand touches every aspect of your business with the overall aim of boosting your bottom line. Here’s how your brand relates directly to your customers.

The role of your brand

How do you start to understand your brand’s role?

My favourite brands

Tink, brand strategist at Orb, shares what his favourite brands are and why.

We’re sponsoring the Birmingham Design Festival

Read why we've decided to sponsor the Birmingham Design Festival.

Building brand authenticity

Brand purpose is all you ever you seem to hear these days, but what often gets ignored is the need for your brand to be authentic. Here's why it's important and how you can achieve it.

Maximise the impact of your brand’s visual identity

This week, we caught up with a few Orb creatives, to pick their brains on the importance of a great visual identity.

10 signs your brand is holding you back

Here at Orb, we talk to many SMEs who are questioning whether the time is right to review their brand strategy so we thought we would post some helpful tips..

Brand architecture tips for successful business growth

Many clients that come to us are confused by their brand architecture, so we decided to write a bit about what you should consider.

Branding jargon in plain English

There's so many buzzwords and jargon about in the branding world, so Courtney Patrick has simplified some of the most common terms, just for you.

Building the business case for a rebrand – how do I measure ROI?

For any organisation, a decision to rebrand is a big investment – so we've put together a few thoughts to help you decide if its right for you.