We’re brand builders, creatives, strategists, problem solvers, tree shakers, consultants, thought provokers and mediators. We see everything from a brand new perspective. We bring that fresh view back to earth and use it to build a brand in a brand new way. We know you want your brand to occupy space in the minds of your customers. That’s what we help you do. We build them battle-hardened, customer-focused, ready to go and, most importantly, ready to succeed.

Not create.

Really good things take time. That’s why when it comes to brands, we don’t create, we build.

Why? Because great journeys don’t need to be rushed. That’s not to say that taking it slow means you’ll be waiting around for the impact of our work to hit. We work with clients to understand the brand challenges they’re facing inside and out to help propel them to where they want to be (and beyond!).

Places we
travel to.

We’re not just about fresh new logos and summing up brand stories in trite little tales. Far from it. Our experience reaches across the huge, harmonious world that branding occupies.


  • - Brand diagnostics
  • - Brand architecture
  • - Brand story
  • - Alignment sessions


  • - Customer discovery
  • - Customer journey
  • - Customer profiling
  • - Brand proposition


  • - Visual thinking
  • - Focus groups
  • - Competitor analysis
  • - New opportunities


  • - Visual research
  • - Visual concepts
  • - Core assets
  • - Brand identity


  • - Internal actualisation
  • - External actualisation
  • - Campaigns
  • - Production


  • - Team building
  • - Brand workshops
  • - Employee interviews
  • - Company culture

Who we
work with

This is just a little taste of the buffet of brands we work with. Maybe you’re wondering about something else.

What you want to know is will we work together? The simple answer is: if you want to partner together to build a brand that’s going to go on some out-there adventures that’ll shake up your industry then,

yes, we’ll work together.

Question time

What’s your name, and where do you come from?

We’re Orb, a Birmingham-based branding agency.

So, when you say you “do branding”, does that mean you’ll get a red hot poker and...


But what about business cards, do you do them?

Well…we could? But with us, it’s more about the bigger picture. We journey further afield to find out what it is that makes your brand unique. Sometimes we discover something completely new; other times it’s simply unearthing traits you already had, but were hidden away. We use this to build beautiful, brave identities for companies that seek intrepid adventures in business. Which, in turn, can translate to some pretty stellar business cards.

My brand looks great the way it is, thanks…

We’re not just about designing new aesthetics, although we’re pretty damn great at them. Perhaps you’ve got a business barrier that needs breaking down. Or need a shit-hot launch strategy, stat. Maybe you’re just seeking out some expertly-sourced information on competitor companies, and advice on how to use it in the smartest possible way. We do that too.

You say that branding can solve business problems. Surely a sit-down with a spreadsheet is infinitely more effective?

Call us biased if you want, but we think a lot of business challenges are brand challenges in disguise. We believe a better brand gives you a sharper set of eyes; laser vision that lets you hone in on your problem, obstacle or bugbear, because you’re more focused on your clear mission.

And what’s this I hear about “visual thinking”?

Oh, right. Visual thinking is our way of keeping ourselves, your brand and you as a client aligned through a bespoke bit of illustration.

It starts off with a strategist and an illustrator in a room, hammering away at a brief that aims to solve a brand’s problems. Our illustrator’s ears are pricked, picking up on key words that are thrown out. These are then visualised on a big canvas, and presented to the client at the end of a project. Particularly perfect if you’re team building, or brand aligning.

So, what next?

Well, you can chat to us. Perhaps you think we talk the talk, but you don’t know whether we walk the walk. Take a look at some of our work, discover what’s been done before, and then decide whether you’d like a slice of that too.