We’re brand builders, creatives, strategists, problem solvers, consultants, thought provokers and mediators. Most of all, we’re your strategic partners. Is a digital marketing agency ever going to tell you SEO isn’t the solution? Is a design agency ever going to say you don’t need a new logo? Too many agencies say yes too quickly. The end result is time and money disappearing into a black hole on a solution that fails to deliver the right impact. That’s why at Orb, we pride ourselves on saying no from time to time. Our branding and marketing experts evaluate what is actually the best solution for your business long term. Because we offer expertise in both branding and marketing across multiple services, the only thing on our agenda is your success…A truly strategic partnership.

We come
in peace.

We’re not here to replace existing teams; whether it’s a marketing manager with too much on their plate, a team in need of a fresh approach, or just about extending your capabilities, we’re all about that teamwork.

We’re in it for
the long run.

If you’re after an agency to do a rushed, in and out job, then we might not be the right people for you. We prefer to work with clients long-term and build.

The worlds
we’ve seen.

From B2B to B2C, from new ventures to multinationals, from challengers to leaders, we’ve worked with a whole galaxy of clients.

All we need to know is Do you want to partner together to build a better brand? Are you’re ready to go on a journey to better connect to your people and your customers?