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Building EU Automation’s brand through visual thinking

By January 10, 2018Work

EU Automation specialise in supplying automation equipment to some of the largest companies in the world. They work with over 9,000 customers in 118 countries. They came to us because they felt they had outgrown their brand; it was becoming a barrier to their ambitious growth plans. They knew they were different from their competitors but couldn’t quite articulate exactly how, or why it mattered.

We conducted several Visual Thinking Sessions across their workforce and the results provided the blueprint for their new brand.

Key insight 1: Customer focussed

The great thing about Visual Thinking is getting people to look at things in different ways. When they visualised their audiences in our customer profiling workshops, we ended up with pictures of chinchillas, planes, wellington boots, and all manner of unexpected doodles. The sales team knew about their customers’ pets, hobbies, dreams, worries and motivations – these deep customer relationships are unrivalled in their industry, and we knew it had to become a key competitive advantage in their brand.

Key insight 2: Forward thinking

A key part of our workshops is getting to grips with future goals and visions. When the EU Automation team used visual thinking to imagine the company in 5 to 10 years time, we were blown away not only by the things they were already working on (such as international expansion) but just how enthusiastic and full of ideas they were. This exercise hammered home how innovative they are compared to dinosaurs in their industry, and just how far away their brand was from reflecting their true personality.

Key insight 3: Going above and beyond

We heard countless stories of late nights, hand-delivered parts to far off destinations, and colleagues helping out on tasks that weren’t their responsibility. These personal stories are a great way to build a rich picture of the brand: it’s not until a company takes a step back that they realise these aren’t one-off stories, they’re the culture and DNA of the brand.

Armed with all the insights, the next step was building the brand. Here’s how the above insights were brought to life.

Customer focussed

EU Automation don’t just deliver parts, they deliver exceptional customer service as well, which was unique in their industry. The strapline was both a promise to customers and an internal rallying cry to always focus on the customer’s needs.

Forward thinking

In an industry full of unremarkable greys and tired-looking blues, we made sure the EU Automation brand stood out from the crowd as a vibrant, bold, innovative alternative. Their coral colour is an attention-grabbing brand element that immediately tells the market place “We’re different”.

Going above and beyond

Introducing the Beond symbol: an arrow that encompasses all of the brand values of innovation, ambition, helpfulness. The name ‘Beond’ captures their passion to always go beyond the call of duty, and the circle elements signify the multiple components that come together in order for EU Automation to operate.

The impact

Armed with their new brand, EU Automation has grown from strength to strength, growing revenue, expanding their team, shaking up existing markets and entering new markets.

“We embarked on a year long process with ORB to re-imagine our business from the inside, out; culminating in a new brand proposition that could ignite our bold expansion plans and align our collective thinking to our 'service first' vision. Since launching our new brand in January 2016, we have more than doubled our annual turnover, added over 50 new team members and opened operations in both Singapore & Chicago".

Jonathan Wilkins

Director, EU Automation

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