Wye Valley Brewery



October 2016

Modernising a world-renowned local brewery

  • A complete visual overhaul of the brand from the logo all the way to beer glasses
  • Naming and designing monthly specials
  • Bringing their first ever lager to life with a new visual identity and messaging
  • New website and messaging to express the new direction of the brand
  • 100% of employees loved the rebrand

“Finally a brewery!”

The first words to come out of our CEO’s mouth when he heard about Wye Valley Brewery. We had all drank the delicious beer before, but it was our chance to bring the brand to life. Wye Valley Brewery are a family-run business, dedicated to brewing the best cask and bottle-conditioned beer as well as championing the Great British pub. They care about real beers, real pubs and real people. The brief set us the challenge of creating a new modern look, whilst maintaining a strong sense of local heritage.

We started by looking at the logo for Wye Valley Brewery. It needed to be a sign of quality assurance that reflected the care and quality that goes into each and every drop. Our creative team got to work and produced a logo and stamp that blended bold simplicity with delicate intricacy to achieve the perfect balance of modern and heritage aesthetics that would guide the rest of the identity process.

First cask service

Wye Valley Brewery’s products have a dedicated following so the product branding phase of the project came with a lot of pressure. We successfully created a visual identity that breathed new life into their much loved core range, while ensuring they were still recognisable as the same great tasting ales. With the monthly specials it was all about creating distinct names and eye-catching designs that stand out at the bar but remain identifiable as Wye Valley Brewery products.

Get the round in

The final step in the Wye Valley Brewery evolution was the website. We completely changed the brand with a website that reflected their new direction. It brought out the heritage of the brand and showcased their personality.

Introducing 1985

Wye Valley Brewery gave us the incredible opportunity to brand their first ever lager. It needed to stand alone from the rest of the product range while still being able to sit alongside them when needed. We thought hard about what the brand story should be; the result was 1985.

It’s all about time, time taken to perfect the brewing process, and the time that should be taken to savour every sip. “The best lager by a country mile” strapline reinforces the quality as well as championing the local heritage aspect.


Rebranding Wye Valley Brewery has been a great journey; working collaboratively with their internal teams we’ve injected new life and personality into the brand whilst keeping all the traditional character and values that make them so successful. Wye Valley Brewery have now got a brand to attract the next generation of ale drinkers as well as keeping their existing fan base as loyal as ever.