Sept 2015

  • Creating a brand bible for Wrapchic to help spread their message around the world to potential partners and employees 
  • Facilitated a Drawing Board Session to align thoughts within the company 

Joining The Taste Revolution

To create the best brand book possible, we had to get under the skin of the Wrapchic brand and understand what it really meant to customers, employees and directors. Wrapchic is on a mission to revolutionise the way we eat and enjoy our favourite Indian cuisine. They make delicious Burritos, Bowls & Tacos with a variety of Indian fillings. We joined the journey to make them the most loved burrito company in the world.

Developing The Taste Revolution

We worked extensively with Wrapchic to develop the brand externally across several touchpoints, from POS and menus to their website and uniform. But before we could get started with this, we invited key members of the Wrapchic team to one of our famous Drawing Board Sessions. This helped us discover unique aspects of the brand that we could bring out in their external communications. The DBS also highlighted Wrapchic’s internal culture and how they are like one big family pushing in the same direction.

Bringing The Taste Revolution to life!

After the Drawing Board Session and also a tasting session at Wrapchic HQ where we got to sample some amazing food, our creative strategists and designers got together to bring the brand to life.

We worked on creating a brand book that really focused on the company’s values and we wanted it to instantly make an impression. It was visually driven by the bright colours of India and expressive photography. We wanted the brand to leap off the pages and engage audiences. The style of the brand book helped us showcase the brand externally and influenced the website and menus for Wrapchic.

Since working with Wrapchic, they have become the fastest growing food brand in the UK in percentage terms, growing 900% from one outlet to 10 in the last three years, with plans for further outlets and international expansion in 2016.