Top Banana



June 2014

  • Brand identity, brand strategy and website design
  • New premium identity elevates the business above competitors
  • Local artist commissioned to create 6 bespoke technical illustrations
  • Punchy typography gets the message across with big impact

The situation

Top Banana are an award-winning live events company established around 15 years ago, that creates and delivers regional, national and often complex global conferences and events for some of the world’s leading brands (including Bacardi, Bentley and Gucci to name a few).

With ambitious growth plans in place for the next 5 years, Top Banana had a hugely successful business, a clear understanding of their audience, and sound internal communication skills, but to hit their targets their brand needed clarity, consistency and a fresh visual identity to set them ahead of their competitors.

Connecting the head and the heart

Top Banana have always specialised in emotional engagement. Their events are designed to help business leaders engage their employees and audience in way which has a tangible and lasting effect. In a nutshell, they help connect the head and the heart.

With this knowledge in mind, we pulled apart the Top Banana brand to look at what was working and what wasn’t working. The events agency world is full of tired business clichés, corporate design and inconsistent branding and with this in mind, we developed a creative concept to truly make Top Banana stand out as the best at what they do.

Viagra for your vision

We married a striking colour palette with punchy typography, handcrafted illustrations, impressive photography and dusted the whole visual identity with a smattering of wit, energy and bravery to encapsulate everything Top Banana represents.

Hell Yeah!

Every so often you work with a client that truly understands the importance of effective branding. Top Banana were exactly that. The project became an agency-wide outpouring of creativity, suggestions ideas and challenges, which culminated in some of our proudest work to date.

Our breakthrough Hell Yeah! moment unleashed itself when we discovered the key to developing the right brand for Top Banana was all about finding a logo which perfectly sums up everything they stand for. Namely, the simple but effective thumbs up.

Top Banana are an internationally recognized symbol of a job done right and a hand-crafted illustrated thumbs up perfectly captures what makes them great, paving the way for their entire visual identity, brand positioning and key messaging, to deliver the brand new all-singing, all-dancing Top Banana.

Hell Yeah! Top Banana. Take a bow.