The Astbury



May 2014

Breakfast in bed

Astbury Hall is a stately manor home, with a 320-acre estate in Shropshire. Home to former Judas Priest lead guitarist, Kenneth K.K. Downing, and an 18-hole professional golf course.

The client planned to develop a £40,000,000 property development on the estate called The Astbury Retreats.

A 300-acre development housing luxury country escapes which offer a very English grandeur experience – including such guest services as freshly delivered breakfast from the local bakery, a full bedroom turn down service, and vegetable deliveries from nearby organic farms, to name just a few.

With the already world-renowned success of the golf course, the client needed some ORB magic to find a way to present their vision as a stand-alone project.

Afternoon tea

When the client approached us, they had a beautiful plot of land, a stunning golf course and a big idea. What they didn’t have was a clear brand and visual style which would propel The Astbury Retreats to the same heights of success as the neighbouring golf course.

ORB provided a full brand overhaul – including a website, new typography, brand assets, envelopes, brochures, and more – to present the luxury properties in a way which would capture the prospective buyers imagination.

We started by creating The Astbury brand as a stand-alone entity. With this flagship brand and identity established, it then became much simpler to position the golf course and property development as umbrella assets underneath, and as independent experiences in their own right.


We made the key word throughout The Astbury Retreats brand, ”Thoughtfulness”. This message ensures the exclusive experience which The Astbury offers is consistent throughout. Thoughtfulness means caring about the little details, which makes The Astbury a premium luxury through and through.

We used pitch-perfect photography, clean-cut typography and visual styling to present an image which suitably reflected the natural beauty of the Severn Valley, while remaining true to the contemporary and exclusive luxury of The Astbury Retreats experience.

Hell Yeah!

Our Hell Yeah! moment reared its beautiful head when we discovered the pivotal point of focus to make The Astbury a success, and ongoing success in the future, was brand positioning.

By treating The Astbury retreats as something entirely different to the golf course, while staying true to The Astbury luxury on which it prides itself, the project became manageable and gave us an angle to work with. Since unveiling the new brand to the world, professional golfer and PGA world champion, Darren Clarke has become an ambassador for the brand and continues to support and promote The Astbury Retreats, both on and off the course.

For buyers interested in The Astbury Retreats, luxury isn’t about fixtures and fittings. It’s having the time to sit back, explore, spend time with family, to enjoy the countryside, to simply have a country retreat. Luxury is the entire experience.

Hell Yeah! The Astbury. Let’s have another spot of tea sometime.