October 2013

  • Following the rebrand, turnover increased from £6million to £13million in just 18 months
  • Completely new brand strategy, brand name and identity
  • Brand launch day engaged all employees to buy into the new brand
  • New brand focuses on ‘doing things right’ and offering exceptional service
  • Repeatedly broken records for customer enquiries since rebranding
  • Full suite of illustrated brand assets, brand book, brand video and brand photography

Doing it right?

Chris and Karl set up their company after growing tired of hearing about bad practices in the industry.

With 25 years experience in emergency and planned repair management, they used their network of plumbers, locksmiths, engineers, IT geniuses and customer relations experts to hand-pick the very best staff, but what they lacked was a brand and visual identity which reflected their professional approach to customer service.

We boiled up a full cauldron of ORB magic to completely overhaul their company’s brand and positioning in a way which would set them apart from their competitors.

Peace of mind

RIGHTIO is about doing things right or not at all. Plain and simple.

They’re not the cowboy plumbers who’ll scare your nan, or the jobsworth electricians who spend all day drinking tea. RIGHTIO is a beautifully presented, reliable and professional customer experience which delivers complete peace of mind from start to finish.

Our first step on this adventure involved delving into the company’s business plan and strategy, talking about the existing brand directly with their customers, commercial clients, and staff. By combining everything we found out with industry and competitor research we settled on two crucial facts:

  • 36% of people choose suppliers from word of mouth.
  • 38% choose a supplier they have used previously.

With these key facts in mind, we set out to build a brand which would capitalise on engaging with this prospective group of customers. By positioning RIGHTIO as a company which went above and beyond the typical level of professionalism in the industry, we tapped into otherwise inaccessible local markets which had been built on the foundation of reputation and word of mouth.

Naming the right way?

Thinking up a new name is a lot of work. Good brand naming can be very tricky in today’s busy marketplace, but few people (read: ‘other so called branding experts’) understand the importance of getting it right.

A great company name might not guarantee success but it’s the first port of call for what makes your brand great, and ultimately, what makes your company more attractive to your customers.

You’ve got to consider how your name will sound alongside competitors? Whether it needs to work abroad? If it actually delivers the right message? If it’s memorable? If it connects with your customer emotionally? Or whether you even want it to connect emotionally?

RIGHTIO delivers the right message in simple, no-frills, plain english.

It’s not about overcomplicated technical jargon. It’s about reassuring the customer, putting things truthfully and simply, and peace of mind.

RIGHTIO does it right every single time.

Seeing the solution

Our approach to branding isn’t simply giving something a new name and making it look pretty, it’s the whole experience.

Half of our brain is involved with visual processing and you get a sense of a visual scene in less than a tenth of a second.

Don’t you think it would be easier to find a solution if everyone’s thoughts were spelled-out on paper?

ORB Drawing Board Sessions make such whimsical fascinations a reality.

With our in-house illustrator at the ready, we sat down with the client and their staff team and bounced ideas off the walls, the ceilings, and straight out of the window to clarify exactly what they needed.

No question was too absurd and no suggestion was out of the question. We looked at the company’s past, the company’s future, and everything in between to lay the groundwork for a brand which truly reflected the company’s diverse personality. After all, every company is built by its people. It’s those opinions that matter.


A brand which positions a company under a new light is nothing unless it looks right.

We used bold colours which didn’t rely on the typical reds or blues which dominate the industry to present a colour palette which was uniquely RIGHTIO. By coupling this with clean, striking typography we produced a collection of brand assets which made sure RIGHTIO stood out against its competitors.

The new website is simple, clean and intuitive and the professionally produced video is emotionally engaging and attention grabbing. To further reinforce the RIGHTIO brand principles of trust and reliability we used professional photography to show off the friendly personalities of RIGHTIO staff and happy RIGHTIO customers.

Rebranding a fully operational company can be difficult for every member of staff to understand. It’s not just a new uniform and shiny new vans, but a completely different way of thinking. A lot of companies underestimate the importance and amount of legwork involved with instilling a new brand culture in a company. As with all our clients we aim to make this transition as smooth and inspiring as possible.

In the case of RIGHTIO, we presented these changes in person at an ORB-hosted brand launch and handed out beautifully-crafted RIGHTIO handbooks which present the company’s new direction in plain english to existing and future members of staff.

For us, branding is only successful when employees at all levels understand their new brand culture and act in a way which reflects this. Whether it’s a new way to speak to customers, or always making sure all company literature stays on brand, we’re only ever satisfied when we witness our changes take effect.

Hell Five!

Every project we take on is full of chest-bumping, eureka-singing moments, but there is only ever one High Five moment.

In the case of RIGHTIO, that moment took place when we bridged the gap to see our new brand culture instilled across the company. Instilling change is only ever effective when everyone involved gets excited about their new brand culture as a means to take their company to the next level.

We used visual thinking, beautiful design and seamless messaging to rebrand and reposition a company in a way which would cement future success. RIGHTIO isn’t the man in a van who whacks on £100 for a trip to the DIY shop. RIGHTIO is the local engineer on a national scale who does things right.

Hell Yeah! RIGHTIO. Keep doing things right.