Marketing Birmingham


November 2014

  • Creating a 20ft-wide illustration to introduce Marketing Birmingham’s AGM
  • Our two illustrators finished the piece in one 13-hour session
  • The video has been now been viewed more than 6000 times
  • Created a huge buzz on social media the day of the event, with over 200,000 impressions
  • Featured on the front page of Creative Review’s website for their 3 million monthly visitors to see
  • Made local press headlines and featured on a number of local news websites

The brief, in brief.

The brave folks at Marketing Birmingham came to us with an idea. With their Annual General Meeting fast approaching they wanted a creative, offbeat way to kick off the day. A few people from their team had seen our illustrators (Jimmy Rogers and Mattie Lynch) live illustrating at a Drawing Board Session we hosted for OpenCo in October. The actual idea was still to be discussed but we all agreed, it needed to be something with big positive impact.

Talking strategy

Marketing the city of Birmingham to the city’s business leaders and wider world is a tricky thing to get right. At ORB, we’re Birmingham born and bred and we know first-hand the problems which have threatened Birmingham’s reputation over the past couple of decades.

With this idea in mind, our illustrators hit the drawing board to see what they could come up with. Both the lads love a challenge and it wasn’t long before they had rolled up their sleeves and drafted out some initial ideas for the Birmingham masterpiece.

Making it happen

When celebrating what makes Birmingham great it’s easy to focus solely on our industrial past and ‘the city of a thousand trades’ story which we are all familiar with, but we wanted this project to celebrate the positive things happening now and the positive things just around the corner. Like any city, Birmingham has its own reputation, but Marketing Birmingham wanted to tell a different story; One that championed the city, its events, achievements, landmarks and spirit that make us all proud to live and work here.

To create a big positive impact, we thought big. A 20ft wide canvas that spanned an entire wall of a warehouse, covered in bespoke illustrations. Oh, and it all had to be planned and illustrated in a single day.

When it came to capturing the entire process on camera we had worked with HTF Media in the past and knew they had the skillset and experience to deliver a professional video that would truly capture the passion and creativity that went into this project.

Hell Yeah!

Just a couple of weeks after the time-lapse video made its grand debut at the AGM, traction via social media channels resulted in nearly 3000 unique views and traffic to our website increased by 70% for the week.

On top of which, the good folks at Creative Review got wind of the video and placed it on the front of the website for all of their 3 million monthly visitors to see and we bagged a spot in the Birmingham Post newspaper for their near 10,000 readers to peruse.

Boom! Go Birmingham.