January 2016

  • Brand strategy, market positioning and brand identity for a new Birmingham charity
  • Brand has become the go-to charity for charitable initiatives in Birmingham
  • Full suite of bespoke illustrations to represent Birmingham’s diversity
  • Hand-drawn logo and visual assets
  • Over 1000 members signed up in the first year of the charity being live

Who loves Brum?

Well, obviously we do. Birmingham is where ORB was born. We love this city and we want it to thrive, which is why we leapt at the opportunity to give a little back. LoveBrum is a charity that unearths and supports local causes to ultimately promote a better Birmingham. It all started when a merry band of Birmingham’s business leaders got together to build a unique charity by tapping into their extensive network of contacts to find, promote and support local projects.

ORB Loves Brum

LoveBrum started with a simple idea: ‘Make Birmingham even better’. We were tasked with coming up with every element of the LoveBrum brand from logo, colour palette, messaging and tone of voice. It was a whole team effort and really did get our creative juices flowing. We needed to find an identity and brand proposition that truly represented the ethos of the charity without shying away from the rich heritage and local pride Birmingham is known for.

Making it lovely

From our research process we established the LoveBrum brand needed to celebrate Birmingham and focus on what makes Birmingham unique. For this reason, we used illustration to depict the Birmingham backdrop as part of LoveBrum’s identity. The illustrative approach makes for a unique and approachable identity that showcases Birmingham in the right light.The finished brand is charming, engaging and adaptable enough to work across a variety of media and platforms.

Spreading the love

LoveBrum has raised thousands of pounds for local incentives and has big plans for the future. To find out more about the good work LoveBrum are doing check out their website or pop along to one of the awesome events they regularly host across the city. Hell Yeah! LoveBrum. You are lovely.