Hollywood Monster



Sept 2016

  • We created a new logo, brand stamp, visual identity, proposition, key messages and website design that focused on the untold story behind Hollywood Monster
  • Brand strategy focuses on the huge 'monster' impact that every single one of their projects has and the incredible service that they offer every single client
  • The new bold brand personality was key to unlocking the potential of the brand and to move it forward

Taking a trip to Hollywood

Hollywood Monster is one of the UK’s leading signage and digital print experts. They've won numerous awards and work with globally recognised clients such as McDonalds and Westfield. Despite having a list of incredible clients and being award winning, there was something missing. The brand lacked a sense of purpose and story that mirrored this success. Nobody really understood the story behind Hollywood Monster and the impact they make for their clients goes under the radar. This is why we stepped in.

The Hollywood Monster way

In order to understand what set Hollywood Monster apart in its industry, our strategists had to fully immerse themselves into the business. This meant spending time at Hollywood Monster HQ and getting to grips with the way they work from top to bottom. We explored their huge warehouse, spoke to every staff member, ran one of our famous a drawing board sessions and interviewed their clients. It was an eye opening experience and gave us everything we needed to drive the company forward.

By doing this exercise we discovered that what makes Hollywood Monster so special is its people. All of the staff love their working environment and will go above and beyond for every client. They offer the best service possible and always want their projects to be impactful. Our strategists wanted to bring this out to the forefront of their new brand messaging.


Our strategists got to work on giving Hollywood Monster a new identity and personality. The old brand was stuck in the past. We wanted to give Hollywood Monster a brand that matched the signage and graphics they created; it had to be big, bold and confident.

We wanted to combine the look and feel of the Hollywood lifestyle with the impact of a Monster, so we came up with two significant brand devices that brought the real Hollywood Monster to life. 'Delivering Impact Every Time' became their core strapline and '#MonsterImpact' became their sign off. These two brand statements represented their guarantee to customers, ensuring that the products they design, create and install always deliver the impact their clients need.

Visualising the Monster

Hollywood Monster’s visual identity had to be just as bold as its personality and messaging. It had to grab people’s attention, so our designers developed a new logo for the brand that was confident, proud, yet had a hint of playfulness.

We then went one step further and also gave them a stamp. The stamp represented Hollywood Monster's seal of approval. The last step of the visual journey was then to oversee the development of the new website. Our designers were meticulous in making sure that every page shouted out Hollywood Monster.

“Working closely with the team at ORB, we were able to create a vision for our business that would engage existing and future clients. ORB really immersed themselves into our company and understood what we needed to push the company forward. Thanks to their creativity, we now have an identity and brand that will last for many years to come. We are extremely proud of our new look, and we’ve received praise from clients, partners and employees. It is so important for us to stand out from the crowd in our industry and now we have a brand that truly sets up apart. It captures everything that makes us different and stays true to our heritage.”

Simon McKenzieManaging Director of Hollywood Monster