June 2014

  • Full brand design and strategy to accelerate business growth
  • Glide has doubled in size and turnover since the rebrand
  • Now a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 business
  • One consistent story for all employees to believe in and sell
  • Creation of an animated ‘paper-craft’ brand video 
  • Ongoing employee engagement sessions and marketing strategy to continue growth

Glide who?

Glide work directly with over 40,000 tenants and landlords across the country to make managing money and managing time much easier for everyone. Their team group together household bills (gas, electric, phone, poodle grooming etc) into one simply monthly bill which is split equally between housemates. One easy monthly payment. No hassle from umpteen different companies. In 2010, ORB began the complex task of branding and positioning Glide in a way which clearly communicated Glide’s products and services to their three target audiences (students, landlords and letting agents), and propelled their business to become the UK’s market-leading shared household bills management company.

“ORB’s work has a knock on impact on the sales we achieve as a company. We have doubled in size in the last two years and that is, in large part, a result of the work ORB has done for us.”

James Villarreal, Founder, Glide

How now Glide cow?

Over the past 5 years — further to continually updating the Glide brand and visual identity as the business grows — ORB have also managed all marketing and PR activity for Glide to ensure the brand is communicated as consistently and effectively as possible. To further ensure all Glide employees completely believe in the company’s vision, ORB also regularly designs and hosts company-wide away days to boost employee engagement and further accelerate the company’s impressive growth.

Summed up in a video.

Our strategy with Glide’s new brand was to simply tell the story of what shared living and bills means. The upshot is that bills can be a real headache, causing confusion for students and havoc for landlords.

It’s really easy to make things difficult, and really difficult to make things easy, but that’s what we set out to do. We took the unpleasant stress of managing bills and turned it into a sweet and simple video.

We decided to bring our Glide characters to life through animation. We storyboarded and art directed the whole process, designing quirky characters in a way that ticked all the boxes and really encapsulated Glide’s personality.

High five

Our five-year journey with Glide has been full of all sorts of high fives, but for our team at ORB the one defining moment which stands out was nailing the positioning ‘life made simple’, which sums up so clearly what Glide do every single day for their customers.

Here’s to keeping things simple.