Glide Away Day

Increasing employee engagement and making life simple for everyone with a wonderfully creative ORB Away Day.



Glide UK




March 2014

Let’s Glide away

Utilities and services provider, Glide had already received a full top hat of ORB magic when we previously re-branded and re-positioned them in a way which brought their message to life, with the simple but effective tagline, ”life made simple.”

With 40,000 customers across the UK, and ambitious plans to increase their annual turnover by a whopping 67% to £25million by the end of 2015, we were asked to create an empowering and memorable away day to increase employee engagement and ensure the Glide team were fired up to reach Glide’s ambitious target.



  1. Deliver a life-changing away day which would firmly implant the ‘life made simple’ message in the minds of the Glide staff and lead to tangible action.
  2. Revamp Glide HQ in the day and a half the staff were away from the office to ensure everyone understood the longevity of Glide’s renewed sense of purpose and vision on Monday morning.

We took the staff to a modern art gallery in the depths of middle earth (Nottingham) and pulled out all the stops, dedicating every aspect of our being to making life simple from the moment they woke up to the moment they got home 24 hours later.

With a morning wake up call, breakfast, tea and coffee on the journey, live illustrations, kick-ass team talks from the Glide management team, a team of actors with a particularly unique talent for recreating and capturing the emotion of stressful situations and, to cap the day off, our very own Dragon’s Den, we’d like to think we did more than enough to fire up everyone’s imaginations.

However, this wasn’t all about having fun. Every single activity was carefully planned and based on key behavioural research to ensure every member of the Glide team weren’t simply passive spectators, but empowering leaders with the right ideas and enthusiasm to reach Glide’s ambitious financial targets.

The purpose behind all of our activities was to give the Glide staff an equal platform on which they could all feel comfortable in speaking their mind and ultimately, put themselves in their customers shoes to understand and completely buy into Glide’s vision of ‘life made simple’.

We were keen to ensure we did this in an interactive way which discarded traditional psychological barriers like job titles and staff hierarchies – putting everyone from senior management to new recruits on the same platform.

On top of which, while all this was going on, exactly 56 miles away the rest of the team were secretly working hard to give the Glide office a 24-hour office makeover – which included installing a new water cooler, a stress relieving ping-pong table and illustrating the majority of the walls. In a nutshell, we delivered long-term attitude change that can only continue to benefit Glide for the foreseeable future.

To ensure Glide’s staff understood the importance of thinking like their customers, we also made sure the Glide ‘secret elf’ was on hand at all times of the day and night to ensure the entire away day was as smooth as possible – including wake up text messages, personalised invitations to the day and even a simple can of coke or packet of crisps on the journey home. After all, it’s the little things which add up to make life simple.

From making physical changes to the Glide office, to making sure Glide’s staff understood the importance of their customer vision, the entire day was orchestrated to ensure the Glide team bought into a new sense of direction and purpose for the company, and it wasn’t simply business as usual on Monday morning.

Hell Yeah! results

Throughout the day, all the teams delivered incredibly impressive ideas and presentations and it appears that Glide currently has a number of budding entrepreneurs amongst their ranks.

The Glide staff walked away with a newfound appreciation of the effort that everyone puts in back at the office and a new sense of enthusiasm to meet Glide’s ambitious financial targets.

Through carefully orchestrated tactics, we measured all outcomes of the day, and were delighted to hear that feedback from the event has confirmed increased energy levels across all departments in the company, a significant increase in employee productivity and enthusiasm at Glide HQ, and a much clearer understanding and company-wide direction for everyone on the team.

In fact, 100% of event attendees said they couldn’t wait to start putting their life made simple ideas into practice when they got back to the office, and 100% walked away happy and excited from the workshop.

Hell Yeah! Glide. Let’s hang out again some time.

Photography by RichPics