EU Automation



Jan 2016

  • Brand strategy, brand identity and new market positioning for an international parts supplier 
  • Strategy focuses on promoting the company’s B2C service-driven approach to give clear competitive advantage 
  • Updated and trademarked brand name and tagline give strategic clarity and work globally 
  • All messaging written to translate into 20 different languages 
  • 100% of employees said they believed in the “We deliver more” proposition 
  • Consecutive record-breaking monthly sales since the rebrand in April 2016

What does an Automation company do?

EU Automation specialise in supplying automation equipment to some of the largest companies in the world. They work with over 9,000 customers in 118 countries. Their industry is dominated by quite old and traditional parts suppliers who are yet to embrace the Internet or digital innovation. However EU are forward thinking and have been able to grow rapidly.

They are an ambitious company and want 
to double their turnover in the next three years; this is where ORB came in. They knew defining their position in the market and creating a new brand persona was a key driver towards success.

Making the difference

With EU Automation being a global company, we did intensive research to find what really set them apart in the industry. They are a young and vibrant company who care about customer satisfaction. They always deliver for their clients and go above and beyond.

We kept this in mind during the rebranding process and based our concepts around this idea. EU Automation has value within the industry so we didn’t want to change the name but gave the brand a whole new visual identity, messaging, tone of voice and personality. The new proposition for the brand became ‘we deliver more’ and we created the ‘beond’ graphic device for the brand. The graphic device captured everything the brand represented and made them stand out against their competitors.