Commercial Express



September 2014

  • New brand strategy and identity for a fast-growth insurance provider
  • Brand-led employee engagement programme increased productivity by 33%
  • Consistent growth of 20% each month since the rebrand
  • Creation of the Commercial Express training academy
  • Full suite of brand assets and custom photography
  • Brand strategy is to always be ‘human’ and ‘helpful’

The brief

Commercial Express provides insurance packages for thousands of brokers across the country. When we first met Commercial Express they had a strong portfolio of products, talented staff and one of the fastest online systems in their market, but their brand was confused and didn’t consistently promote their range of products. The brief was to develop a new brand for Commercial Express which positioned them as a market leader with clear and concise direction; and to ultimately, boost profits.

“Since our rebrand with ORB, we have seen consistent growth of 20% each month, a huge increase in the time spent on our website, incredible feedback from our customers, and a massive lift to our employee engagement.”

Duncan Pritchard, Commercial Express Managing Director

‘The helpful way’

Good branding isn’t just about a new logo and a shiny responsive website. It’s about spending time with a company’s people. The people that work day-in-day-out to help the business grow. Really getting to know them and diving deep into a company’s culture to unearth what makes them better than their competitors. During our 12-month partnership with Commercial Express we spent time with everyone from entry-level employees to senior management to pin down the key messages the new brand needed to communicate to their target market. Although the majority of Commercial Express’ business takes place online, feedback from customers had revealed an increased need for telephone support and a more human approach to business. A more ‘helpful way’.


As well as a more human approach, Commercial Express need to simplify their offering to firmly establish their niche in the marketplace and make lives easier for their customers. The benefits of effective branding are two-fold. Firstly, the right brand connects a business with its customers. Secondly, the right brand connects employees to feel engaged and motivated to propel the business new levels of success. With this in mind, unveiling and implementing a new brand effectively to all levels of staff within an SME is a big part of the brand’s success. Alongside Commercial Express’ managers and marketing team, we rolled out the new brand through a full day of empowering presentations to ensure all staff completely embraced the new brand and were on board with the company’s new ‘helpful’ and ‘human’ approach to doing business.

Positive impact

The new Commercial Express brand and website perfectly encapsulates what makes them the obvious choice for their customers. With clean-cut design, friendly and person photography, and a clear and consistent product offering, their customers have already responded positively to the changes and business enquiries continue to flourish.