Casey & Chew


Casey & Chew


March 2013

  • New brand strategy and brand identity for an up and coming plumbing business
  • Since rebranding, the company now has a two year waiting list of business lined up
  • Clever wordplay has made the brand’s business cards famous in Birmingham
  • Brand photography and custom typography used to bring the brand to life

Going at it hammer and tongs.

A pair of plumbers were looking to stand out in the home repair crowd. They approached us with free reigns to create a bold brand that reflected their personality and commitment to high-quality service. Breaking free from conventional trade branding we created a brand that was every bit as humorous, down to earth and approachable as the boys themselves. By focusing on their cheeky personality, we built brand assets that will allow their business to grow while staying authentic.

Project goals:

Rebrand Casey & Chew, a local home repair service that was eager to stand out from the crowd.

  • Ensuring the brand communicated the “no fuss, no faff”, high-quality service that Casey & Chew are committed to
  • Creating a consistent brand experience, end-to-end
  • Defining their authentic personality


When you’re faced with a temperamental toilet and a phonebook full of plumbers that all seem the same, how do you pick one? In this competitive market, customer confidence and word-of-mouth can be deal breakers. After all, the only thing more daunting than a broken boiler is finding someone you trust to fix it.

We made personality the hallmark of the brand experience. It was about not being afraid to have a little fun. Knowing what customers would respond to. Being brave enough to turn stereotypical builder banter on its head to connect with the audience in a cheeky way. Fantastic design and great copy that spoke to consumers in their own language not only delighted them but also made the brand authentic, humorous and approachable.

The design

From the typography to the colour palette used, every design decision reflected Casey & Chew’s “no fuss, no faff” philosophy. We went the full monty – brand identity, business cards, website and more – making sure that each touchpoint reflected their personality. It was the small touches, like a bill for ‘The Damage’ instead of a bog-standard invoice.

We turned an everyday business card (easily forgotten at the back of a drawer) into an ice-breaker and a memorable experience.


Ensuring Casey & Chew were both memorable and likeable in turn drove new customer acquisition and retention, as it became easier than ever to recall their unique brand.


In a competitive market, it’s not enough to offer great service. Without a solid and memorable brand identity, all that branding work would be down the drain. We played with builder banter and humorous language to raise a laugh (and a few eyebrows) without losing the brand’s reputation or credibility. It was all about delivering personality to ensure Casey & Chew stood out from the crowd in both commercial and business markets. Bold design, clever copy and roguish humour were the tools we used to build customer awareness and trust in this approachable brand.