Inspiring adults back to college.


Birmingham Metropolitan College


June 2012


Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET) asked us to take their bog standard student prospectus literature and re-imagine its potential to encourage more adults to sign up to their adult learning courses.

BMET’s student base was dominated by those aged from 16 to 18, as the largest Further Education college in the Midlands. It’s existing prospectus literature tended to sport bright energetic colours and featured lots of smiley students getting A-levels to appeal to a young demographic.

However, BMET also catered for a large adult learner audience so it took the enlightened decision of changing its part-time prospectus to suit a more ”grown-up” market.

BMET asked us for a bucket load of ORB Hell Yeah! to make sure this new prospectus had the maximum effect, and ultimately, increased the number of adult learners enrolled in the college. 

BMET What?

Our strategy from the very start was to de-clutter the prospectus design of brightly coloured graphics and happy people photography, and instead use the space to tell real stories.

After all, happy smiley faces are nice to look at, but the best stories are always the real ones.

We used our ORB investigative powers to track down adults who had transformed their lives through BMET and brought their stories to life. By celebrating these peoples achievements, the reader can simply flick through the prospectus and be inspired to think, ”I reckon I could do that.”


We used our visual approach to creativity to tell the adult learner’s stories through reflective portrait photography, and married the visuals up with seamless evocative written copy.

We found adult learners who could inspire others. Lots of adults are interested in going back to college but work and life commitments can often make them think such a radical lifestyle change would be impossible to balance. By reading true stories about a variety of people who had already taken this risk, but managed it, provides the exact motivation they need to jump on board the BMET journey.

We commissioned grown-up, inspirational portrait images alongside biographies about the individual learners, rather than focusing on their courses or reflections on BMET, in order to make a stronger emotional connection with the reader.


BMET Hell Yeah!

The former BMET adults we profiled were thrilled to be part of something which would inspire more adults to take the plunge into adult learning.

Not only were they motivated, but the target audience was too. Enquiries about adult learner courses have increased, as has the number of adult student learners at BMET.

Our Hell Yeah! Moment was realising the impact of making an adult education offering more human and more inspiring.

We set out to show the difference that adult education means to real people who have done it and reaped the rewards.

Hell Yeah! BMET. Keep on inspiring.