Associated Architects



May 2017

  • We helped modernise a brand that had strong heritage and Birmingham roots, with our bespoke branding approach; Reveal, Redefine and Reinvigorate
  • Not only did our strategy transform their internal culture, but our creative design launched a refreshed brand logo and visual identity. This brand overhaul included a bespoke photoshoot, creative direction for a new website, all redesigned materials, brand book and a brand video that brings their unique story to life.

The Issue

Following the uncertainty of the recession, the recent upturn sees the growth of a changed, more competitive and more challenging landscape in the industry.

Recent waves of staff turnover at Associated Architects have combined with the appointment of new management up through the ranks. The profile was younger and fresher and combined with a rapid growth of technology and innovation within the sector.

For Associated Architects there was new era emerging and with that, the opportunity to reinvigorate the brand to its former glory.

State of the Nation

Much of Associated Architects' business was built through solid and enduring existing relationships, networks and referrals.

A large single location practice, there were concerns over competing with the ever-growing architects business within the region, and how can Associated Architects could retain and acquire the very best talent.

ORB would have to address the potential gap between internal and external perception of the Associated Architects brand, and whether it has grown more by default than design.

What we did

To help them move towards their goals, ORB conducted one of our renowned drawing board sessions which led ORB to decide the best approach for AA would be to Reveal, Redefine and Reinvigorate the brand.

“Like the re-invention of the Jaguar brand… a brand that’s always been known for its rich heritage in delivering on quality and design, but which is now also young, innovative and dynamic.”

This wasn’t about bold market re-positioning or brand revolution. It was about revealing, enhancing, and ‘re-packaging’ what is already good and authentic about the brand and our research reinforced that there was a clear market positioning for Associated Architects.

Through our immersive research, it became clear that Associated Architects' mission was to create inspiring buildings that transform the people that use them. This perfectly formed their new strap line and rallying cry: Beyond design. Initially, Associated Architects did not want to amend any of their creative materials, however after we presented our articulation we were asked to refresh their entire brand including logo, colour palette, typography, key messaging, brand book, brand video and  website.