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Why have one day of love when you can have 5? #ORBloveweek

By February 22, 2017Culture

We were inspired a few years ago by Mindvalley’s Love Week, what started as Mindvalley’s office lovexperiment has become a long-lasting and well-loved tradition at ORB and companies around the world. If you can have a Secret Santa why not a secret love angel?

The process is simple:

  1. Everyone puts their names in a hat and you all draw out a random name. The name you draw is your Human, which makes you their ‘Secret Angel’. (Or Secret Love Angel as we call them at ORB).
  2. Your job as a Secret Angel (Love Angel) is to show love and appreciation for your Human for the whole of Love Week. This could be something as simple as making your Secret Angel a cup of tea, or being more creative and decorating their desk with flowers and unicorns. The only rule is to try and keep all your lovely acts secret and anonymous.

At first you might find it a bit silly, you might blush a bit at your gifts/attention, your partner might even ask “how come you never do that for me?” but ignore all that. We are telling you it works. Why? Because it increases social connections at work, which increases happiness. The happier your employees are the more productive they are. And, it’s just plain lovely.


We spent an entire week spoiling our colleagues with sweets, scavenger hunts, cocktails, dedicated playlists and spontaneous karaoke. It all ended with aptly themed pink margaritas and an ORB Love Week Reveal. We drank, ate, shared our favourite love week surprises and attempted to guess the identities of our Secret Love Angel! Some of us guessed better than others… There was a buzz and energy to the office unlike any other time of the year, and in the midst of a dreary British winter, it was a welcome change.

Here are a few lovely things our Secret Angels did during Love Week:

If you ask every single person (and I have) at ORB what their favourite part of the job is, they will unanimously say the people. This is why Love Week fits perfectly into two of our ORB brand values: thoughtfulness and people. Put people first (internal and external) and be thoughtful when doing so. These values drive our culture. We are constantly looking for ways to show and share a little love with our favourite people, like Love Week.

Love Week isn’t just about eating your body weight in chocolate and enjoying a great office culture. According to our recent research with 23 top local recruiters, an employer’s brand culture is the most important driver for employees to join and stay at a job, far more than money. We’ll be exploring culture, employee branding, recruitment and retention – and how activities like Love Week help create a culture for team members to thrive in – at our next Toolshed event, on 2 March, 2017.

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