Insights into interning

Insights into interning from our latest placements

By August 8, 2017Culture, Team

Ever wondered whether interning is worth it? Read our guest blog post from our recent interns, Rosie Clarke and Abi Bills, who smashed their two week placement with us, and managed to teach us a thing or two in the process!

“To some, being an intern still means enduring the constant tea and coffee runs, note taking and in general signing up to be the office slave. However as two recent interns at ORB we can assure you that this was not the case.

What will you really get out of the experience?

Well firstly, you will get the opportunity to work on live projects, which as a student is invaluable. You will experience an agency environment whose foundations are built upon teamwork, strong leadership and passion for the job. Not to mention you gain first hand knowledge of how to work under pressure and to clients’ specific requirements.

Also, during this time as an intern, you will receive second to none feedback from clients and peers. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to speak to members of staff in their retrospective fields, then do not let this go to waste, spend your time absorbing all the wisdom your colleagues are willing to give. This is priceless.

Professional development

In addition to the wide range of activities and meetings you will engage in, the experience will contribute to your professional development, personal attitude and self-esteem. Do you lack confidence with your presenting skills, idea generation or ability to meet the criteria? If so, a placement in industry may be the boost you need to progress with your future career and goals.

However, keep in mind that learning what you don’t want to do, is just as valuable as understanding what you do want to advance in. Use this chance to network, as forming contacts may prove useful later for job opportunities. Remember a record of these experiences will also prove beneficial on your C.V.

In a nutshell

Being an intern can be difficult, especially when you’re walking into the unknown, but be assured that staff only want to make you feel at ease and give you as much help as possible. It is a fact that most people you will work with, have been in your shoes once before, so know only too well what its like to be an intern. As well as this, they probably wouldn’t be where they are today without this experience to guide them. Agency life is fast paced so be prepared to work hard, be pushed out ofyour comfort zone and roll with the punches, ultimately this is a chance to prove yourself and show what you are capable of. Although consider that you are not expected to know everything, never be afraid to ask for advice.

We can guarantee that the skills you gain during a work placement will be worth all of the early morning wake ups, daily routines, multiple introductions and possible long commutes. The feeling of independence and progression during those weeks can only prepare you for the working world and help you get ahead of your competition.”

We would like to thank both girls, who did an amazing job, for choosing ORB to spend their time. We wish you all the best in your future careers.


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