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How do you differentiate?

By November 11, 2017Business

In a world full of technology and ease of business start-ups, everywhere we look there are businesses that cater for almost every need and requirement.

But how do you stand out from an over saturated market place? How do you sway your customers when the only thing that separates your products is price?

Emotional vs Rational

When you compete on price you are appealing to the rational part of your customers brain. People want to get the most useful products for the lowest price. Rationale thinking is often mathematical and does not include personal feelings or loyalty.

The benefits are scrutinised and the main decision will come down to cost and value for money. People will choose a middle ground product or service as they hold the best amount of moderate benefits but are reasonable in cost in comparison to the cheaper and top range options.

What about the emotional aspect? When you appeal to a persons emotional side, you are entering their subconscious. Emotions play a huge part in the decision process, way before rational thinking is considered.

Also when faced with a decision, if there are emotions, this will generally sway a person into making a choice, usually towards the emotional preference because that choice “feels right”.

How can you evoke emotion?

Let me just put this out there. The days of features and benefits are long gone. As a business you should not be focussing on product comparison but looking at what your product or service does for your end user. How do you impact on their lives?

Empathy, nostalgia, relation, love, happiness, sadness, joyous surprise or anger are all emotional tactics advertisers have used for years to target consumers. So why cant businesses utilise this with their brands and values? Sometimes our external messaging is so great but we have forgotten the core, our missions and values of our business. The very values your employees should live out on a day-to-day basis. Can you incorporate these emotions into everything you want your business to stand for?

Consider how you want your end users to feel. I’ve seen many businesses that state they are sustainable green businesses, great, but are you making me sustainable as a consumer? How does this benefit me? These are all examples to consider. Truly live out your values, step back from your business, take a long hard look and lets bring this back to basics.

So tell me one thing – how do you differentiate?

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