Your recruitment process is the obstacle to hiring great people

Is your recruitment process the obstacle to hiring great people?

By January 30, 2018Business, Culture

“Your hiring process is the obstacle to hiring great people.” – 2nd City Resourcing. So, before we begin, lets have a little confession time. How many of these interview sins are you guilty of?

  • Not following up with feedback
  • Not keeping candidates updated
  • Not informing unsuccessful candidates
  • Cancelling an interview at short notice
  • Not reading their CV beforehand
  • Not booking a room for the interview
  • Not having clear answers about your culture and progression opportunities

Recruitment for most people is more than just the interview. It’s the whole experience, from start to finish. Whether the candidate was employed or didn’t quite fit the bill for whichever reason, the process they encountered has a lasting legacy on your brand.

Why should you care?

Lets face it, if someone has a terrible experience with a product or service you offer, they complain about it, hit the social media channels, tell friends, family and shout about it from the roof tops!

On the recruitment side however, people are generally more tentative about posting a bad review of an experience for fear of ruining their own future employability. That’s why companies who have a terrible process, manage to get away with it for so long!

However, Hollie Brookes – Marketing Manager, Discovery ADR comments “Always remember that people talk – even more with social media. A negative experience will be shared”. Whether privately or in a public domain, either can be damaging to your employer power. Never underestimate word of mouth.

Nail your process

A job advert from a strong employer brand will typically see a 47% higher volume of applications. The whole recruitment experience matters – even for SMEs who aren’t large enough to have their own HR departments. Get the little things right, SMEs have more opportunities than big corporates to do this well!

Provide a great experience, this doesn’t mean bells and whistles, and a red carpet on the interviewees arrival. It’s considering all your touch points from application to interview. It’s basic manners such as a quick telephone call providing feedback to the candidate, making someone feel welcome when they arrive at your business. It’s a warm welcome and limiting the time waiting in reception. Just keep in mind, the whole interview process will make or break your brand. Never discard the fact that you are on interview too. Aaron also said that outside of money, the number one driver deciding to work for a company is if they liked/connected with the person they were interviewing. It's not just does the employer like the candidate!

Top 5 additional tips

  • Be creative and brave – make sure your brand personality shines through, tell your brand story well
  • Rethink job descriptions and focus on behaviours, brand values and accountability
  • Think about the room you hold your interview in. Is it free prior to the meeting? Is it suitable? Does it sell your business?
  • Remember first and lasting impressions count. Ensure their experience from reception to encountering colleagues is positive
  • Aaron Down - Managing Director, Union Club – “Tell the success stories of your people. Internal promotions are compelling”

Interested in Employer brand? Read our blog post on culture and why it’s the most important driver for recruitment. What recruitment tips would you give to companies? Comment below or email us at

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