We create brands that people love

We’re all about bringing brands to life. Hell Yeah! is a high standard: a strategic and creative alchemy that moves a brand forward. We’re able to transform, relaunch, or start from scratch. We find the right ingredients for your brand and craft it lovingly, so that it kicks ass. In a nutshell, we figure out what makes you different from your competitors and bring that to life. We find out what’s
important and special, and we tell that story through words and images, so that your brand becomes more meaningful, relevant and memorable. We do strategy, ideas, and creative, and use the best partners out there to make it all happen. We find insights and work together to create Hell Yeah! moments for our clients and their customers, by building brands that motivate people.

The people that make it happen


Robert Bloxham

Rob is ORB. He set it up. He’s the most down to earth MD you could get. He makes jokes that are actually funny and makes it his business to keep his staff happy and having fun, as well as working hard and being creatively productive. Rob takes control when he needs to, is great with clients and winning business, and in dipping in and out of everything that is being done in the office. He leaves people to do what they do best and trusts in his staff. He just gets stuff done, aims high and always keeps people on his side and keeps people wanting to work for him. He wants people to have fun, be creative and have Hell Yeah! moments.

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Lauren Gamlin

Lauren is an Account Manager. She works closely with clients, offers brand and business advice, and makes sure we’re doing what we need to. She’s strategically slick and keeps everyone on brief. She lived in Barcelona and is fluent in French and Spanish. This ability with languages is very handy when everyone starts saying different things, as she can easily translate and distil everything into one clear point that everyone can agree on. She’s laid back, an open book and makes the office a happier and more productive place. She loves animals, is very fun, and quite effortlessly and quite simply, awesome.

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Anthony Jones

Ant is the Studio Manager and Senior Creative. His maturity keeps the office grounded and also provides amazing trivia and insights. He’s more of a listener than a talker, but when he does talk, the words are never wasted. He clarifies things or asks the right question and is always very considered. He is objective and fair, and exceptionally arty.


Cynthia Miller

Cynthia is a young strategic genius from the United States. She has gained experience in some of London’s top agencies. She’s the one that actually reads all of the marketing strategy books and blogs and actually applies that learning to our work. She’s articulate, fun, and good with people. She loves great advertising, branding and innovation. She can challenge and question things while keeping everything cool, calm and collected. She’s enthusiastic and always smiling. She’s good with ideas, words, Post-it notes and chopsticks. The only thing we can fault her on is that she says “erb” instead of ‘herb’, and “rowt”, instead of ‘route’, but we don’t give her a hard time about it.


Jim Rogers

Jim is the illustrator, and kind of the true essence of ORB. His illustrations and style make ORB look how it looks, from Drawing Board Sessions to brand illustrations. He likes Star Wars, eating Nandos and Indie classics. He’s the most laid back person in the office, but don’t be mistaken, his knowledge and knack with computer systems and design brings websites to life and his illustrations can make, define and launch a brand.

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Hannah Hunter

Hannah is our Office Administrator and a total hero. People start to panic when she isn’t in the office. She uses her immense skills to keep everything running and sort out all the endless stuff that needs to be sorted to make things actually work. While others are sorting ideas, she gets the actual things printed, ordered and arranged so we deliver. She does the essential research that informs the projects we do. She’s very sweet and balanced, but out of the office, especially on holidays to the Mediterranean, apparently there’s a wilder side.

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Mattie Lynch

Mattie is a designer. Nicest guy you could meet and very involved. He has an Irish lilt, but a cosmopolitan sensibility. He’s interested, enthusiastic and useful on about every project we do. He’s the most fashionable guy in the office and a virtuoso illustrator. He has a tattoo that says Lorem Ipsum on his arm, which along with his positive attitude just goes to show he’s a designer that truly loves what he does.

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Mark Triggs

Mark is a strategic thinker. He works with new clients, finds out what they need, and he facilitates our Drawing Board Sessions. As well as being a communications consultant he’s a qualified journalist and engineer, so is quite smart really. Despite being a Chelsea fan he wears pink shirts and is exceptionally polite and attentive. In fact he likes to motivate people, and get to know people and seems to know just about everyone between London and Birmingham. In a relaxed and jovial way he can move any project or business forward.


Sanj Sahota

Sanj is a designer and Art Director. He can go from straight to the point, to easy going to contemplative with ease, depending on what’s going on. When it comes to work, he’s a perfectionist and either knows what he wants, or opens the discussion out to others if he doesn’t. His nature of decisive craft goes through to his cooking wizardry and football punditry. He’s got creative foresight, big ideas and lots of projects going on in and outside of work, but knows how to kick back and chill too.


Naeem Alvi

Naeem is always happy. He laughs at least once an hour. He’s a copywriter who enjoys life and exudes positive energy while being phenomenally laid back. He worked as a journalist in New Zealand, he writes children stories and is Features Editor at The Quarterly. He is also a qualified ski instructor, and chef, and worked as a first aider for the Red Cross. He’s also a mean dancer. He can come up with fun and imaginative copy at the drop of a hat that makes brands warm, witty and alive. He’s down to earth and gets on with everyone. No one can think of a time when he did something wrong or was annoying. It’s like he’s a highly evolved man from the future.

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